Welcome to a blog commemorating the life of Dora Emily Holtzman Magrath – 29 November 1985 to 25 February 2008.




This site has been put together by those who continue to love and admire Dora Magrath. Please contribute to this site by emailing any photographs, video clips, publications, articles, etc. you would like to share with others to To post comments, go to the “Memories & Comments” section and share any anecdotes, stories or responses you may have to the loss of the fabulous and kind Dora Magrath.

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  1. This is so beautiful!! I am Dora’s oldest sister and for myself and my family you all have touched us so deeply with this tribute. Thank you, thank you!! This week is also my birthday week and I miss sharing it with her. I wish all of you all the best in your lives ahead and please keep in touch. You are our link to Dora’s life away from home. She loved you all so much! Celebrate her life today. She is at peace!

  2. I was several years ahead of Dora at JBS when she was there. I felt a deep connection with her, and she and I had some beautiful and meaningful conversations. I graduated and she went to Ladue, and I regretfully lost touch, but thought about her often. I didn’t know she was at Hampshire until after she moved back to Saint Louis (I went to Mount Holyoke, very nearby) and regret that we did not have a chance to reconnect. Dora had such an intense and beautiful way of looking at the world. I remember the last conversation I had with her. We were sitting on a couch at a graduation party one of our mutual friends was having in 2001. It had been a very tough year for both of us, and I remember feeling so close to her. I would hear about her from mutual friends occasionally once she moved home, and feel in love with her music on myspace. I have thought of Dora often this past year. She brought such warmth and insight and beauty to this world, and it will always be a dimmer place without her in it. I listen to her voice on my Itunes playlist, and pray that she has found peace and comfort. RIP Dora.
    Liz Levy

  3. I was moving to Brooklyn the day that Dora’s memorial was held there. It was an emotional reunion with a lot of college friends, to say the least. We sang for her that night. I have since sang a few personalized versions of the Man in the Market song. That song is like a classic, and can be remixed or rearranged in any way if anyone a bit more capable than I hasn’t thought to give it a go.
    I don’t think it was right for her live to be cut short. But I do think
    every second lived and breath
    exhaled was a lesson and a
    blessing for the world.
    I can’t list the ways my outlook
    on life
    was influenced by this
    perfect genius in a
    blog post.

    i don’t think there’s blogs where Dora is now
    there’s probably fingers strumming and drumming
    and voices singing songs that you’d think would
    be a bit explicit inside club heaven

    and all the angels are lifting their
    robes and kicking their feet

    salutations condolences libations liberation keep living keep on and seeing the intersecting universes so you know that everyone you love is here whenever you hear the vibrations

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