In her own words:

I do not want to be a product. I do not want to sell my pretty face to sell a record. I want to play my music, to be a constant student, to live my life the way I want. And if that means that I need to have a day job, and maybe a high-paying night job a couple nights a week, then so be it. I’m tired of seeing every musician turn themselves into a product, into something smooth and glossy that everyone will automatically “love.” I don’t want to smooth out the rough edges, I don’t want to make myself into something or some one that moves with the tide. I want to own one wave, own the bubbles and the rough edges and the swooshing of that one wave and know that I move with it, move like it, because I wish, not because I can gain the whole ocean from it.



According to her Record Label:

 An old jazz voice, contemporary poetry, heartbreaking vulnerability.

Dora Magrath has a superpower. No, she can’t shoot deathrays from her eyes or lead North Korea. She has the ability of making everything disappear around you when she starts singing. This singer-songwriter sounds like a Regina Spektor fed with jazz records. Her amazing voice barely covered by a shy piano just gives me shivers. Only a cheap demo CD (The Looking Glass) is avaible for the moment but be sure that Dora will soon find a nice indie label to collaborate with. Everyone who has listened to her song “oh you see” on her myspace will agree with that.  

Through the Looking Glass CD Cover 

You can listen to/download Dora Magrath’s music here: 


Heartstrings Album Cover 

Look at Pictures of her CD Cover & CD Release Party for the Album “Heartstrings” Released by Cranky Yellow Records: 


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